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About Lewshelly
Based in the beautiful rural Shropshire countryside between the market towns of Bridgnorth and The Ironbridge Gorge. We pride ourselves in the quality of the dogs we breed and the service we give to our clients.

Ironbridge        Ironbridge Valley

As an established family business since 2003, we at Lewshelly Paws are specialist and licensed breeders.

All of our puppy litters are planned with great care and attention to detail as we breed our stock only to continue their lines. We take great pride in the fact that our bitches produce quality puppies that are of the highest standards to what are so desired within our breeds. All of our puppies are reared within our home, with great care and attention focused upon their health and welfare.

Since our establishment, we have been delighted to welcome visitors from all over the United Kingdom, with puppy buyers coming from as far afield as London, Scotland, Isle of man and Jersey. We have also had the pleasure of selling our puppies to families internationally including Europe and America. We at Lewshelly Paws ensure that all of our international buyers are provided with premium assistance regarding the DEFRA international laws, regulations and actions required for the exportation of our puppies.