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With over 30 years of experience in breeding and hand rearing puppies, we at Lewshelly Paws endeavour to provide impeccable care to all of our puppies, ensuring they are given the best start to life.

Throughout the 3 week postnatal period we ensure that all puppies remain with their mother within our nursery, located within our family establishment. Postnatal care of both mother and puppies is demanding and can sometimes also be awfully challenging, yet we embrace this period at Lewshelly Paws as we find it hugely rewarding observing each puppy’s daily development.

When begin the weaning process our puppies are removed from their mother, yet they remain accommodate together within a new pen located again within our family home. By hand rearing all of our puppies within our family home during their first stages of life we are ensuring they are well prepared for their long and joyful futures ahead with their new families.

Within this pivotal time we endeavor to expose all of our puppies to everyday experiences that will enable them to flourish; these experiences include being handled by children, meeting other canines and making those essential visits to the veterinary surgery, all of which can be stressful for any puppy.

Exposure to the daily hustle and bustle of family life provides them with the ability to develop and discover the life they are to enter into within the forthcoming weeks. We believe strongly that rearing our puppies within our family home enables us to provide them with the essential socialisation and experience they so require for the daily, commonplace thing they will encounter throughout life.