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Cavapoo Puppies
Here at Lewshelly Paws our Cavapoo puppies are bred to an impeccable first class standard.

All of our cavapoo puppies are hand reared within our family home during their first stages of life, as to ensure they are well prepared for their long and joyful futures ahead within their new homes.

Within this pivotal time we endeavour to subject all of our puppies to everyday experiences that will enable them to flourish and further cope with their new owners when the time comes; these experiences include being handled by children and making those essential visits to the veterinary surgery all of which can be stressful for any puppy.

Our Cavapoo puppies are a hybrid cross between our own KC registered Cavalier King Charles and KC registered Toy Poodles which are PRA and PRCD checked to ensure our puppies have no health problems and blindness.

The Cavapoo breed isn’t too dissimilar to the Cockapoo in personality as they are both sweet natured, friendly dogs that adore companionship both human and canine alike. They make truly remarkable family pets.

Here is an adult Cavapoo in Apricot:


Our Cavapoos’ average height is around 10 to 12 inches. They end up with a very soft loose curl coat which is very good for allergy sufferers.

We at Lewshelly Paws ensure that all of our puppies leave our family establishment with a full veterinary health check, their first vaccination and 4 weeks of insurance in addition to being wormed and flea treated. All of our Cavapoo puppies are fed Proplan Puppy  and upon a puppies departure from us, will also leave with a sample of ProPlan Puppy feed to last them a couple of days within their new homes as to prevent any stomach upsets whilst they settle in with their new family and feeding routines.

A lifetime of advice is included.