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Buyer's Information
We at Shropshire based breeders "Lewshelly Paws" understand how rewarding owning a dog is. However it is of paramount importance to us that all of our puppies are sold to people that are knowledgeable, passionate, loving and caring of dogs.

We stress that it is imperative that all potential buyers do their research before purchasing a puppy due to the demanding and challenging aspect of ownership. Therefore before purchasing a puppy please consider the following points that we at Lewshelly Paws understand to be of crucial importance.

Is purchasing a puppy right for you and your family?
It is vital to consider whether purchasing a puppy is the right thing for you and your family. Consideration regarding what breed of dog would be best suited for you is key, therefore research into the breed you desire and get to know the facts.

Purchasing a puppy is a huge commitment, in the aspects of time, money and care. Upon average a dog can live for 15 years or more and the relationship between owner and dog should be that of a lifetime.
Upon your reflection as to whether or not a dog is right for you and your family please take a moment to consider your lifestyle. Are you able to provide a dog with the exercise, love and care it so very much deserves and requires?
It is also imperative to consider the fees associated with owning a dog. It is vital that costs can be covered for:

  • Feed
  • Veterinary visits
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Pet insurance
  • Toys, bedding, bowls, leads and other such miscellaneous items

We do advise all of our buyers to secure pet insurance for their new puppy in order to ensure the financial security of owners in the instance of any unforeseen circumstance. However we must stress that insuring your new puppy is by choice of you as an owner.

Introducing your puppy to their new home
Many of our puppies go to families whom have children and other pets. It is vital that upon completion of vaccination that your new puppy is introduced to other animals residing within the family as soon as possible in order for the founding of acceptance.
It is also essential that the puppy is made to feel comfortable and given the ability to explore his or her new home environment. All of our puppies are reared within our home, with great care and attention focused upon their welfare. We encourage buyers to contact us regarding their puppy’s development within the household in order to rectify any of the owners concerns that he or she may have.

Some of our puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan Puppy. We choose Pro Plan due to its high quality nutrition and support it provides our stock. The palatable feed is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in addition to high quality main ingredients. All of which are essential components of a feed that are required for healthy balanced growth, immunity, digestion and the puppies skin and coat systems.

We advise feeding Pro Plan Puppy up to the age of 12 months and thus thereafter Pro Plan Adult. However it is not obligatory for owners to continue feeding Pro Plan; we do nevertheless advise that a slow transition from Pro Plan to another dry feed is taken as to prevent digestive upset of your new puppy.

Buy With Confidence
At Lewshelly Paws, all of our puppies are wormed regularly with Drontal Puppy or Panicure Paste.
Moreover as all puppies are reared within our home and are therefore toilet trained to paper. Upon purchasing a puppy from us we can offer advice as to how to maintain toilet training within the puppies new home environment.

Our Cavalier and French Bulldog puppies are sold upon having received their first vaccinations and full health check.
Pugs have an anatomical disposition whereby they are unable to be vaccinated within the first 10 weeks of life thus we are sometimes unable to facilitate their first vaccines, as this is dependent upon their time of purchase.